Concrete and Sterling Silver Necklace



Concrete is a mixture of cement and aggregate, I choose the aggregate based on the desired texture Sand gives each concrete piece in this line it's rich texture while environmentally-safe, natural, non-toxic pigments provide vibrant color. Concrete is poured into sterling silver, cured for strength and sealed to create innovative, original and surprisingly sophisticated concrete jewelry.

This hand fabricated, one of a kind piece is constructed of sterling silver and suspended from a hand forged neck wire. It is part of my squash blossoms line.

Squash Blossoms is an ongoing series of one of a kind neck pieces inspired by my love of nature and the American Southwest combined with my own urban, New York sensibility.

In each Squash Blossom neck piece I use recycled, vintage, southwestern stones, meteorites, fossils, opalized or petrified wood. To this I add concrete elements. The result is the juxtaposition of clean, architectural lines with organic, elemental forms in wearable art objects that are truly shaped by her life, creative passion and experiences in both New York and Arizona.